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2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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SCHWARZKOPF Million Gloss Express Repair Conditioner

My mum bought me a hair product today because I went to get my hair cut and colored! Thanks mum!

So Schwarzkopf (can’t spell this without looking at the label) came out with this new product recently called the Million Gloss Express Repair Conditioner that aims to make your hair reaaaally shiny. You are probably already familiar with their other leave-in express conditioners (they have quite a few of them), but this one is supposed to add a little more oompf to your hair.

It comes in a standard 200 ml plastic bottle, and it is also divided into two different liquids inside, which I just realized I didn’t take a picture of! But anyway, one of the liquid layers is white and the other one is blueish, so what you need to do before you apply it to your hair is to really shake the bottle well so that the two liquids can merge with one another. After you do that you just spray the product over dry or damp hair and that’s it!

This product is really lovely as a hair conditioner, especially when you haven’t actually washed your hair but you want to freshen it up. I also like to apply this conditioner to the bottom half of my hair every night before bedtime just because I get the feeling that it does a really good job of hydrating my hair during the night.

Now when it comes to the actual sparkly part of the product, I have to say that it doesn’t really do a very good job. I’ve only noticed my hair become a little shiny after applying it, but I certainly haven’t noticed it resemble a diamond in any way. I also tried to apply it to damp hair before blow drying but that was even worse when it came to the sparkly particles so I definitely think that you should only be using it on dry hair if you want it to have a bit of a shine.

This is a really nice leave in conditioner, but the sparkly bits were a big let down.

Divergent by Veronica Roth

I just finished reading Divergent by Veronica Roth and…

The reason why I picked up the book is because a friend of mine really wants us to go watch the movie, but I love to read the book before I see a movie adaptation so I had to read it. I am so glad I did!!!

NOTE: I am very bad at determining what some people think are spoilers and what others think are ok mini spoilers for a review. So, if you do not want to know anything about the book (I haven’t seen the movie yet) then please don’t read the rest of this post because I really don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

divergent veronica roth

When I first started reading the book I thought “Meh, this reminds me of the Hunger Games.”

And for a while it really did remind me of THG. You have your “sections” in society, a war that happened between them in the past, a heroine that is about to chose her fate, etc. Up to this point, which is like the first 10 chapters or something, I have to say that I wasn’t at all impressed. And then Four caught my attention….

In all and complete honesty, as much as I love the Hunger Games, I felt absolutely nothing towards Peeta or Gale. I didn’t really mind who Katniss would end up with, and neither of them were my “type” of male character so it definitely wasn’t the love story in the Hunger Games that caught my attention.

But Four… Oh… my… crumpets… He is perfection!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the poster of Four for the Divergent movie.

divergent veronica roth four

Yes. Hello. Yes.

Divergent does have an ok story. I don’t find it impressive, but it is an ok read. However, it is the relationship between the characters that really got me and the reason why I devoured the book in one sitting! I love the way that love develops between Tris and Four, and I just find it so heartwarming to read (and yeah some parts also make me giggle). It just seems very genuine and a lot more realistic than some of the other YA books that I’ve read recently.

I am currently reading the second part of this series and I still really like it, and yeah I’m still obsessing over Four! If you like YA and dystopia, then I really think you would enjoy this book!

Saturday Sounds #2


* have a little patience with this last song it gets reaaaaally good, or skip to 3:45 *

BOURJOIS Flower Perfection

Foundation time people!

Can you believe that this is the first time I’ve ever tried Bourjois foundation? People have been saying such wonderful things about it but I never gave them a chance until now. Actually… I was listening to some other people who successfully convinced me that I should use Vichy products because they are the best ones for sensitive skin that is prone to acne. Oh… my…. heavens… I had such an awful time with the Vichy foundation and my entire face broke out! It was such a horror show, and it took nearly two months for my face to be acne free again. I am never buying another Vichy product in my life!

Luckily, the Bourjois foundation is a whooooole ‘nother world!

Bourjois have a number of different foundations, but I decided to start with the Flower Perfection one, and I chose the shade Vanilla No 52. Amazing! I have very light skin, and at first I thought that this shade would be a little dark on me but it’s not. It blends wonderfully with my skin and after a very short amount of time of about 5 minutes it completely absorbs into my skin and you can’t even tell that I’m wearing foundation. This is exactly why I decided to try this particular product because so many of my friends said that you actually look better throughout the day as you wear it. I wear this foundation for about 14 hours per day and I can honestly tell you that my face looks awesome when I come home! It does not go greasy and there aren’t any foundation lines that usually form underneath the eyes or around the lips. Everything looks perfect.

bourjois flower perfection foundation

The foundation comes in a glass bottle, which is cool if you’re not clumsy. I, on the other hand, am clumsy, so I need to be very careful when I use this foundation because if I drop this baby KABOOM! All over the floor! It’s not a big deal though because the pump is lovely and it dispenses a small amount of product at a time, so you will definitely not end up wasting any product when you apply your foundation.

You can see from the bottle that I’ve been using this foundation for a while now (about 2 months) but I haven’t actually removed the top part! The bottle comes with its own application sponge, but I had no need for it because I always use a brush to apply foundation. However, since this is a review, I figured it was time I actually opened it to see what’s inside.

bourjois flower perfection foundation

bourjois flower perfection foundation

bourjois flower perfection foundation

Yeah it’s nothing special to be honest. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this little sponge for application on any skin type because it is so dense. It’s also very dry and slightly rough so I don’t see how this would give you an even finish? But I guess it’s nice of them to include it anyway.

Regardless of the dense little sponge, it’s what’s inside this bottle that is amazing! The foundation works wonderfully on any skin surfaces (dry, moisturized, greasy) and it has a wonderful way of blending in with whatever is underneath it. I would say that this is a medium coverage foundation, but it is also something that you could certainly build up to an even more serious coverage without worrying about caking it on your face and looking weird.

I always wear it with my Baby Choux primer underneath, but I have also tried it without a primer for a few days and it works great too. I don’t think that it can handle 16 hours of wear without a primer underneath because the foundation did move a little on my face and some parts wore off a little, so I definitely think that you should have a primer underneath if you have one.

Another thing I tried is to not set it with a powder. I always set it with the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, but I was very surprised to discover that this foundation doesn’t need a powder! There was literally no difference in terms of wear and appearance when I set it with powder and when I didn’t! Amazing!

bourjois flower perfection foundation


I would seriously recommend this foundation to anyone! It works particularly great for people who have acne prone skin and do not wish for any more breakouts when they wear foundation and also for those who love the feeling of light foundation. The weather is seriously heating up over here in Europe and I have had no problems at all with this foundation in the heat or in direct sunlight! Four for you Bourjois!


Saturday Sounds #1



ESSENCE Liquid Ink Eyeliner

Oh yeah, I am into eyeliners lately.

I usually used pencil liners and then, very unsuccessfully, gel liners, but they never had a crispy line edge, so on my eyes they always ended up looking ‘smoked’, which is not what I was going for…

A friend of mine suggested I try the ESSENCE Liquid Ink Eyeliner, so I did! It cost me $3, and since I’m currently on a spending budget ban (again) I was plenty enthusiastic about it!

This is such a tiny little product! It’s not too tiny to make it hard to use, but it is small enough to be easily carried around on trips. I feel that when you have a good eyeliner with you, you don’t really need a lot of other makeup to compliment it at all. So this little baby has definitely become my little travel buddy!


I wouldn’t say that I am an expert on eyeliners, but I have used them a lot so I can safely say that I do not find it easy to apply eyeliner. I really don’t. I have big, round eyes and long lashes, so eyeliners usually end up looking too tiny on my eyes, or I look like a panda…

Surprisingly though, despite its small size and cheap price, this eyeliner is lovely!

It is soooo easy to apply!

When you first remove the brush from the bottle there will be plenty of product on it. The first thing I do is remove nearly all the product from the brush to make it as thin as possible. Once you do this, the application is very easy and you can literally apply it in one smooth, slow stripe and then wing it out. The really thin brush also makes it very easy to build up on the thickness of the eyeliner if you wish to do so, but I personally like to keep it thin and as natural looking as possible.




This product does have a waterproof version, but I couldn’t find it at the time so I just chose the regular one. Even so, with a good primer underneath (currently using the Etude House Baby Choux) it lasts all day! Not sure what would happen if you were to be caught in the rain without an umbrella, but in terms of everyday wear for up to 14 hours, this is your liner! I’ve been wearing it almost everyday for about a month now and it hasn’t smudged once.

1x1.trans Free Cute Goodies

  • Very easy to apply
  • Cheap price
  • Long lasting with a good primer
  • Doesn’t smudge
  • Cute, small bottle you can take everywhere

1x1.trans Free Cute Goodies

  • Generally no bad sides to this product, except I’m not sure how it will behave in the hot summer weather coming up.

ZIAJA Subtle Bronze Body Lotion

Spring is heeeeereeeee! Yey! Sunshine and lovely weather! And skirts! I really love wearing skirts, but I am quite a light skinned lass, so my skin could use a tad bit of help in terms of colour to make it a little more glowy and healthy looking.

In order to achieve this tan without actually going out into the Sun (I hate sunbathing), I try different self-tanners every year. They are 95% of the time great and usually do the trick, but some of them are better than others. Last year I used the L’Oreal one, but I have to say that I wasn’t impressed at all because it was very streaky on my skin and it also tanned in a very unnatural way. Even though I had purchased the version for light skin, I literally turned into a chocolate brownie overnight! I have a pretty regular job where I see the same people every day, so I really didn’t enjoy such a drastic transformation. So, the L’Oreal one is something that I will definitely not repurchase this year. Instead, I went out on a search for a new self-tanner!

I initially really wanted to try the renowned St Tropez self-tanning mousse that everyone is bragging about, but it is SO expensive! $42 for 8 fl oz/ 240 ml!!! What????

I honestly do not have that amount of money to spend on a self-tanner regardless of how fabulous everyone says it is! Plus, a mousse of 240ml would be used up very quickly if you were to apply it on your whole body. I’ll pass until I become a rich post-apocalyptic princess…

Until then, I stumbled upon a substitute in the form of the ZIAJA Subtle Bronze Body Lotion!

I have honestly never ever heard of this brand before. I checked out their website and it looks like they have an array of lovely products, but I only noticed the self-tanner in my local drugstore. The price was $7 for 10.6 fl oz/ 300ml! I couldn’t even pronounce the name of the brand properly, but that didn’t stop me from instantly putting it in my basket!

Seriously though, how do you pronounce that? *Jafar voice* Ziabooboo.

 Let me tell you right now, this is going to be a VERY positive review!

So I came home and decided to try it out like I would with any other self-tan. It is very important that you do a full body scrub before you apply a self-tanner. This is because the self-tan actually only colours your dead skin cells, which are often not equally dead throughout your body. So if you don’t even it all out with a scrub you will certainly get a very uneven self-tan. Having said that, make sure that you use the right kind of body scrub to fit your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, there is no need for you to use a very harsh scrub! Use a gentle one, or make a home version of your own with something like corn flower, yoghurt and honey. I personally love the Bioten Body Scrub, which is what I used in this case as well.

Because this self-tan is a lotion rather than just a regular self-tan, it means that you can skip the entire step of moisturizing your skin after the body scrub, because this self-tan will do all of that on its own. This is an amazing time-saver step, and you also turn out a lot less greasy than you normally would! As soon as I got out of the bath I applied an even amount of the self-tan all over my legs. Of course, this tan is meant to be used all over your body, but I always like to try new tans on just my legs first in case the whole brownie situation comes back to haunt me again…

The results are AMAZING! After each application of this tan, your skin darkens by about 25% of your original skin colour. Now, this is not a lot of colour when you first apply the product, so you will definitely not see major results after the first application, but you will already have a lovely tanned glow. I really love this because I can gradually build up the colour every other day to the one I like, and then I can just use it twice a week to maintain the colour.

There are absolutely no streaks on your skin with this product if you do the body scrub part properly! It takes about 15 mins for the product to completely dry on your skin, which does mean that you kinda need to stand semi-naked in the bathroom (if there are other people in your house?) and wait for it to dry. Definitely do not put any clothes on right after you apply the tan because it will crease and look awful. It needs time to absorb into your skin before you can mess about with it and get dressed. However, once you do give it the time to absorb, you can go back to your daily routine.

This tan does not rub off on clothes or bedsheets, so there is absolutely nothing to worry about in that respect! I have since applied it to my whole body as well and it is absolutely lovely and makes me feel fabulous! It gives off a very natural tan that does not turn orange at any point. I don’t think that you would be able to build it up to a very dark consistency, but you can definitely get it up to three shades darker than your normal skin colour, which is enough for me!

There is one downside to this tan and that is that is smells like… tan. Not for long though because it evaporates overnight, but it does smell like tan. If you’ve never used a self-tan before, imagine smelling a bit like a Sunday roast. I have never tried a self-tan that didn’t have this smell to be honest, and this is because it is the smell that your skin gives off during the chemical reactions with the product. It’s normal, but some people might find it unpleasant on their skin, although I can almost guarantee that no one else will notice this but yourself!

ziaja subtle bronze lotion
ziaja subtle bronze body lotion
ziaja subtle bronze body lotion
ziaja subtle bronze body lotion
1x1.trans Free Cute Goodies




  • Awesome colour
  • Very easy to apply and does not crease
  • Doesn’t leave any stains on clothes or bedsheets
  • Cheap price
  • Lasts for up to a week without further applications

1x1.trans Free Cute Goodies

  • Smells like a tan

Do you guys use a self-tan when the hotter seasons arrive?

Drop the Kawaii Bomb!

I was going to write a reasonably serious post for a Korean product review, but I suddenly saw a really cute design for a room and then I just kinda spiraled out of control in to the world of kawaii rooms and voila!

I figured it would be a waste not to show you guys all the lovely pictures I found, so here!

My Feelgood Notebook

Should I be studying right now? Yes.

Am I doing so? Not really.

Why? Anxiety.

I had so many things on my to-do list when I looked at it this morning that I almost started hyperventilating. Almost. One day I probably will.

I have managed to complete a few things from the list already (currently 11:40am), which is good, but the list is just too long with all the things that I have been procrastinating with and that have now just piled up. Fantastic. So, just to make sure that I won’t lose my mind by 6pm, I have decided to write a blog post. Blogging really calms me down and lets me let out any feelings that I have held up inside without worrying whether or not someone will actually judge me for it. Besides, with so many other bloggers out there writing about similar things, it is much easier to find a similar soul to talk to and to know that you are certainly not the only person in the world going through troubled times.

Because of this, and because I frequently feel overwhelmed in life, I realized that I do not spend enough time being grateful for the really good things that happen in my life on a day to day basis. Yes, I do have really bad days (like everyone else in the world), but I also have wonderful moments that I feel I completely forget as soon as they are over just because the feeling of sadness and anxiety seems to hang on much longer in our mind than happiness and relaxation. So, in order to never forget all the good things that happen I decided to start a Feelgood Notebook. I just picked up one of the empty little notebooks I had lying around and decided that I would spend some time writing in it every night before bed to reflect only on the positive things that happened that day. I suppose you could say that this is similar to a diary because it records every day, but it is different because it is only focused on the good stuff.

Here is what my little Feelgood Notebook looks like. And when I use up this one, I will get another.

feelgood notebook

I am not the first person to do this of course, I know many bloggers and people who aren’t bloggers who take time out of their day to look back on positive experiences. I can honestly say that this little routine has already helped me so much in the couple of weeks that I have been doing it. I easily catch myself thinking, “Hey! Today wasn’t as bad as I thought after all!”

I think that there are many people who could benefit from this routine, and it is definitely something that I think everyone should try out! It really helps you reflect on your day in a very different way than you normally would. And not only that, it also means that you will fall asleep on a positive note rather than lie in bed and continue to stress out about everything that you have to do tomorrow. It also helps you get a better night’s sleep than if you were to fall asleep in a depressed mood.

Some peoples’ problems are certainly more serious than others, and we have a tendency to think that no one has it as bad as we do. But I truly believe that there are positive things in everyone’s day, and that you will always have something good to write down! Other people have “Positive Jars” where they write the things that they are thankful for on little pieces of paper and then put it in the jar. This is also cute, but I just prefer notebooks because I can easily look back at what I wrote on previous days, which helps me to relax even more.

Have you guys tried this before?

BIOTEN Skin Moisture Scrub Cream

I have a love-hate relationship with any type of scrub. I loooove the feeling of smooth skin with all the dead skin cells removed, but I hate the fact that scrubs usually irritate my skin quite seriously and immediately dry it out! I have tried lots of scrubs in my life, some I liked more, some less (Vichy and Garnier I hate with a passion), but I finally found a winner!

Say hello to Bioten’s Skin Moisture Scrub Cream!

bioten skin moisture scrub cream

This picture is of the empty bottle because I have completely used up this product and I’m heading off to my local drugstore today to buy a new one! This is seriously the most amazing scrub that I have ever used!

I have very light, sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts occasionally. Now, if you’ve ever had a breakout, you know that most of them look really bad and dry when they start to heal, and it is often something that cannot be easily covered with foundation, because you can blatantly see the dry skin coming through it! So you use a scrub to remove the dead skin, and one of two things happens:

  1. Your skin is strong and fabulous, so it just immediately accepts the scrub, lets go of the dead skin cells and remains looking fresh and ready for makeup.
  2. Your skin is a sensitive little slug that screams when a scrub is brought close to it, turns red, screams some more, and then proceeds to look like it has just (barely) survived the Apocalypse.

I am number 2.

However, this scrub makes any type of skin look fantastic! It is a very, very, gentle product that is also quite creamy in its texture. And get this, even though it removes dead skin, it actually moisturizes your skin as well! I literally never had to apply any moisturizer after using this product because it is soooo amazing!

It contains hydro nutrients, is completely free of paraben, paraffin and colorants, and contains honey and apricot kemel! I paid around $4 for this product, and it lasted for a good 3 months. Oh, and it actually kinda smells like vanilla, apricot yoghurt! I know that all of these ingredients put together would instantly make you think that it would be an amazing product for your skin, but believe me, I have used many scrubs that have the word ‘honey’ in them that have done nothing to soothe my skin! This is the only one that actually does the job and makes your face feel like… silk! I was going to say ‘like a baby’s bottom’ but that comparison freaks me out.

I used this product once or twice a week, depending on the condition of my skin. Regardless of how amazing I think this product is, I still don’t think that scrubs should be used too often because your skin develops a natural layer of protection over it that keeps dirt away from your pores. So, yes, do help out your skin with a scrub, but do not overdo it!

1x1.trans Free Cute Goodies

  • Super soft and gentle for skin
  • Good price
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized
  • Suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin!

1x1.trans Free Cute Goodies

  • I honestly can’t think of anything bad to say about this product….

image image image

26 Things I Learned by 26


  1. “When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.”
  2. Choose your friends very wisely. In the long run of life, you will turn into the people that surround you.
  3. No one can make you feel bad without your permission. That includes yourself.
  4. It’s about excellence, not perfection.
  5. Always, be on the side of kindness. Who knows what the other person is fighting on the inside?
  6. Alone time is important. Actually enjoying alone time, even more so.
  7. Look people in the eye and always give your full attention to whomever is in front of you.
  8. You don’t really need five different kinds of black eyeliner.
  9. Learn how banks work and the terminology they use as soon as possible. If you don’t, they will magnificently screw you with it later.
  10. You don’t have to respond to everything immediately. It can wait a few hours or a few days sometimes.
  11. “No” is a complete sentence.
  12. People cannot read your mind.
  13. If you’re angry/hurt/severely annoyed, don’t hit send. Write the email and sleep on it.
  14. Don’t worry about picking a job to last a lifetime. I’m in a completely different place than I was at 20, and it is better than I ever could have imagined!
  15. What you say about people says a lot more about you than it does about them.
  16. Use your 20s to learn. Don’t worry so much about nailing down the perfect job or the perfect man.
  17. Don’t waste time worrying about people who aren’t going to spend time worrying about you.
  18. If you are not happy with your life, your relationship, your job, don’t complain, do something about it.
  19. Be brave and take risks. You will not regret the things you did, but those you did not do.
  20. Your health is more important than you treat it.
  21. Jealousy and envy are wasted emotions. Learn from people, don’t belittle them.
  22. Doubt kills everything around it.
  23. Be extremely grateful for what you already have. There are many people in the world who are fighting to have the things which you already posses.
  24. Drop your ego.
  25. Always be open to try something new.
  26. Failure is not as big a deal as you think it is.


MIXA Body Milk Repairing Surgras

Hello fabulous people!

Fabulous Ariel Little Mermaid

I have a sample review for you today! Now I don’t usually do sample reviews because I don’t believe that you can get a good look at a product if you only use it once, but seriously, I don’t have to use this one ever again!

Today was the second day of my Body Supreme Routine, and so I was looking through my collection of samples to see if there was anything interesting there to try. I found the Mixa Body Milk that I actually wanted to just straight up buy without previously testing it because so many people have said great things about it (thank heavens for this sample), so I thought I might as well use this sample before heading off to the drugstore tomorrow to get it.

Well… I was certainly not prepared for the first impression…

So this is the sample that I got from one of the fashion magazines, and it has been sitting in my Testers Box for about tow months now I think.

Mixa Body Milk Lotion

And this is what it looks like in the original bottle.

Mixa Body Milk Lotion

Like most body milks/lotions, this one also claims to effectively hydrate your skin for 24 hrs, is suitable for sensitive skin, helps with redness, etc. etc. As I’ve already mentioned, I have read sooo many reviews saying how this is an amazing product, and since it’s from France, I figured it had to be fabulous by default! What? No.

disney no gif

The sample had 7ml of product inside it, which was about two walnut size amounts. Surprisingly, this was enough to cover my body neck to toe (I use different products for my face). I was very impressed with this, because I’m used to samples only being enough to cover like one elbow! So hats off to Mixa for at least getting that part right and being generous.

I applied the product all over and at first it looked good. The milk is very white and a bit on the thick side, but it is very easy to spread, and it also absorbed into my skin very quickly, which is also good. I didn’t take any pictures of the product because the sample turned into a mess, but there was nothing particularly special about it anyway. So my skin was all cool and hydrated – at first. It was soft, moisturized and didn’t have any negative reactions to the product – for about 30 minutes. Literally 30 minutes after applying it my skin started drying up like crazy!

disney no sense gif

I didn’t get any rashes or allergic reactions to the product, but my skin just completely dried up! I had to go back and use a very generous amount of my Petit Bijou Moisturizer to feel good again! I don’t understand what happened, but it doesn’t make any sense to me. Either the consistency of the product is so poor that your skin can’t possibly get the amount of moisture it needs from it, or it’s made out of very basic ingredients that don’t do much. Definitely the weirdest body milk I’ve ever tried!

I see no point in ever actually purchasing this product since the sample was not a very good experience at all. I don’t even have dry skin!

I’m pretty sure that I’ll be skipping the entire Mixa collection at the drugstore from now on. I don’t mean to bash the company or anything (maybe someone else will love them!), but I just know of better brands that actually do moisturize my skin.

britney no thank you gif

1x1.trans Free Cute Goodies

  • No allergic reaction
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Doesn’t have a smell

1x1.trans Free Cute Goodies

  • Doesn’t actually do anything to moisturize skin
  • Dries up!
  • Not worth the price