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24 April, 2014

Divergent Movie

divergent movie

I went to see the Divergent movie this weekend and OMG it was awesome! Ok, I will straight up admit that the book is, of course, better, but the movie was very enjoyable as well! We bought our popcorn, found our seats and waited excitedly for the movie to start! I am always curious to find out whether the movie will follow the book precisely or not, and in this case it kinda does, but then kinda doesn’t as well. From the very beginning of the movie I felt that the plot was a little rushed. This feeling persisted throughout …continue reading

Cute Mugs

I am currently on a hunt for new mugs and I stumbled across the lovely Lenny Mud shop on Etsy! Check out all these cute mugs for sale!  

SCHWARZKOPF Million Gloss Express Repair Conditioner

My mum bought me a hair product today because I went to get my hair cut and colored! Thanks mum! So Schwarzkopf (can’t spell this without looking at the label) came out with this new product recently called the Million Gloss Express Repair Conditioner that aims to make your hair reaaaally shiny. You are probably already familiar with their other leave-in express conditioners (they have quite a few of them), but this one is supposed to add a little more oompf to your hair. It comes in a standard 200 ml plastic bottle, and it is also divided into two …continue reading

Divergent by Veronica Roth

I just finished reading Divergent by Veronica Roth and… The reason why I picked up the book is because a friend of mine really wants us to go watch the movie, but I love to read the book before I see a movie adaptation so I had to read it. I am so glad I did!!! NOTE: I am very bad at determining what some people think are spoilers and what others think are ok mini spoilers for a review. So, if you do not want to know anything about the book (I haven’t seen the movie yet) then please …continue reading

BOURJOIS Flower Perfection

Foundation time people! Can you believe that this is the first time I’ve ever tried Bourjois foundation? People have been saying such wonderful things about it but I never gave them a chance until now. Actually… I was listening to some other people who successfully convinced me that I should use Vichy products because they are the best ones for sensitive skin that is prone to acne. Oh… my…. heavens… I had such an awful time with the Vichy foundation and my entire face broke out! It was such a horror show, and it took nearly two months for my …continue reading

ESSENCE Liquid Ink Eyeliner

Oh yeah, I am into eyeliners lately. I usually used pencil liners and then, very unsuccessfully, gel liners, but they never had a crispy line edge, so on my eyes they always ended up looking ‘smoked’, which is not what I was going for… A friend of mine suggested I try the ESSENCE Liquid Ink Eyeliner, so I did! It cost me $3, and since I’m currently on a spending budget ban (again) I was plenty enthusiastic about it! This is such a tiny little product! It’s not too tiny to make it hard to use, but it is small …continue reading

ZIAJA Subtle Bronze Body Lotion

Spring is heeeeereeeee! Yey! Sunshine and lovely weather! And skirts! I really love wearing skirts, but I am quite a light skinned lass, so my skin could use a tad bit of help in terms of colour to make it a little more glowy and healthy looking. In order to achieve this tan without actually going out into the Sun (I hate sunbathing), I try different self-tanners every year. They are 95% of the time great and usually do the trick, but some of them are better than others. Last year I used the L’Oreal one, but I have to …continue reading

Drop the Kawaii Bomb!

I was going to write a reasonably serious post for a Korean product review, but I suddenly saw a really cute design for a room and then I just kinda spiraled out of control in to the world of kawaii rooms and voila! I figured it would be a waste not to show you guys all the lovely pictures I found, so here!

My Feelgood Notebook

Should I be studying right now? Yes. Am I doing so? Not really. Why? Anxiety. I had so many things on my to-do list when I looked at it this morning that I almost started hyperventilating. Almost. One day I probably will. I have managed to complete a few things from the list already (currently 11:40am), which is good, but the list is just too long with all the things that I have been procrastinating with and that have now just piled up. Fantastic. So, just to make sure that I won’t lose my mind by 6pm, I have decided …continue reading

BIOTEN Skin Moisture Scrub Cream

I have a love-hate relationship with any type of scrub. I loooove the feeling of smooth skin with all the dead skin cells removed, but I hate the fact that scrubs usually irritate my skin quite seriously and immediately dry it out! I have tried lots of scrubs in my life, some I liked more, some less (Vichy and Garnier I hate with a passion), but I finally found a winner! Say hello to Bioten’s Skin Moisture Scrub Cream! This picture is of the empty bottle because I have completely used up this product and I’m heading off to my …continue reading