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25 April, 2014

The Body Supreme Routine

Hello lovely people! Today’s post is going to be my Body Supreme Routine!

You probably haven’t heard of this term before since this is what I call my total body spa that I do once a week, but that takes two days to complete! Don’t be scared by the ‘two day’ thing, because I have simply divided a full body spa in half so that my skin can relax between home treatments and not be overwhelmed in a single day.

I have a very busy schedule Mon – Fri, which means that I have very little time during the week to take full care of my body (let alone indulge in a spa…). So, in an effort to organize my time as best as I can, I have taken Friday and Saturday as the two days when I will focus on my skin and the rest of my body, so that it will be ready to withstand the following week without too much stress. Now, you may not be as overwhelmed as I am during the work days, but I thought that it would be interesting to tell you how home spa treatments should be applied (in my opinion), and when the best time to do so is.

So if you have some time, grab a cup of tea and some cookies, and let me introduce you to my Body Supreme Routine! image



So let’s imagine that it’s Friday, I have just finished with work and am heading home without any plans for going out tonight. By the time I get home it is around 9pm, and it is also time for my home spa to begin!

Food & Drinks

Since it’s so late, it would be quite ill advised for me eat a heavy dinner at 9pm. I know that it will take my stomach ages to digest it, and it will also mean that I will probably not have a good night’s sleep because of it. Because Saturday and Sunday are the only days of the week when I can actually get some sleep, I always eat a very very light dinner, which usually includes Greek yoghurt and a salad.

After that, I make myself a big cup of herbal tea (usually Green tea) and I prepare a full bottle of water. The tea will help me relax and slowly get ready for bed, and water will help kick-start the removal of toxins that have built up from a long day at work.


Ahhhhh there’s nothing better than picking my hair up in a big bun right at the top of my head! But before I do that, it is time to apply nourishing oils to it.

I use the Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment, and I apply a very generous amount all over my hair, including my roots. I then put my hair is a loose, twisted bun, and it will stay this way until the next day. This will give it more than 12 hours to fully absorb the oil before I wash it on Saturday. This step is obviously not something that I can do during the week, because it makes my hair kinda greasy and difficult to work with. I do, however, apply small amounts of this product to the ends of my hair every day. It is one of the best treatments that I’ve tried so far.


I remove all of my makeup with the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, and then I also wash my face with the Tony Moly Floria Foam Cleanser.

Because my skin is sensitive at this point and worn out from an all day’s work, this is not the time to apply any drastic products to my face. If I applied a facial scrub at this point it would do a lot more damage than good. When skin is tired it needs moisture and a soft touch, so a facial scrub should be left for the next day when the skin is rested. So, the only thing left to do is to apply the Nature Republic Tea Tree Powder Toner and Emulsion (I wrote a review for them here), and to let the skin breathe for the rest of the night. I do not apply any heavy creams after the emulsion because I feel that this is the right time for my skin to relax and regenerate without too much help from me.


Now that the face is done, it is time to move on to the rest of my body. By the time I finish all of this it is past 10pm, so there is no way that I would make a bubble bath at this hour. I am too tired, too cold, and probably in danger of falling asleep in the tub. So I end the night with a quick coldish shower, and I use the Nivea In-Shower Rich Body Lotion. Although I often use this lotion throughout the week, on Friday nights I use it because I do not wish to apply another cream or lotion to my body before I go to sleep. Just like I am letting the skin on my face rest and recover with a good night’s sleep, I allow the same pleasure to the rest of my body.


I put on my comfy PJs, and now it’s time to do one part of my nail routine.


I only have enough time to do my nails once a week. So because I am so short on time, I need to make sure that I do such a good job with my weekend manicure that my nails will last for the entire following week! Through some trial and error, I have finally managed to accomplish this!

So the first thing I do is remove all of my nail polish. I then follow with my usual nail-care routine of trimming my nails if needed, shaping them, fixing the cuticles, and whatever else needs to be done with the actual nail. I then proceed to apply two different products to my nails.

The first is the NYX Calcium Treatment, and the second is the NYX Ridge Filler Base Coat.

Because my nails have a total of four coats on them throughout the week I have separated them into two coats on Friday and then two coats on Saturday. This way I can be sure that the first two coats will be super dry before I apply anything else over them. If I applied all four coats in the same evening they would take a very long time to dry, which means that I would most likely end up ruining them (which is what always happened to me before I discovered this method).

The calcium protects my nails, strengthens them, and it also dries very quickly. The base coat is the preparation for the actual nail colour that I will apply the next day.

Now that all of this is done, I am ready relax and go to bed. Day 1 of The Body Supreme Routine, DONE!



Time for a lovely bubble bath! I love bubble baths!

Depending on the state my skin is in, I may either choose to make a homemade bubble bath, or I will use a bath bomb or another similar product.

If my skin is feeling very sensitive, dry, or has redness, then I will make an oatmeal bath. To do this, you simply fill your bathtub with warm water, add two handfuls of oatmeal to it, wait for about 10 minutes for the oats to start releasing their milkyness, and the soak your body in it for 15-20 minutes. This is a very cheap, very easy to make bath spa, and it is super effective for nourishing your skin. Whenever I use it, my skin looks and feels great! The only downside is that you then have to clean the bathtub from all of the remaining oats, but trust me, it is worth it!

If, however, my skin is feeling ok and I want to be a bit more fabulous, I use one of the many amazing Lush bombs! As you know already, Lush has an amazing collection of bath bombs for all skin types and purposes! My favourite one at the moment is the Sakura Floral Dip! I spend about 15-20 minute soaking in this lovely bath water, and it not only does amazing things to my skin, it also helps me relax and feel fabulous.

Now don’t get me wrong, I could spend over an hour in a bathtub if I wanted to, but I reduce it to up to 20 minutes simply because I know that it is not good for my skin to overdo it.

Once I am out of the tub, I apply the Petit Bijou Cotton Snow Body Lotion (you can read my review for it here). This lotion makes my skin feel really soft and it smells amazing! I let it absorb into my skin for about 10 minutes before getting dressed, and I’m done!



Remember I said that I don’t use a facial scrub on Friday because my skin is too tired and sensitive late at night? Well, now I can!

After a good night’s sleep, I can now allow myself to use a full spa treatment for my face. I start by using the St. Ives Apricot Scrub, and I massage my face with it for about two minutes, very gently! This is an amazing scrub because it is very gentle on my skin, and it also moisturizes it, so I am not left with dry skin when I wash it off!

After using the scrub, I apply a face mask that will stay on for about 15-20 minutes. I don’t apply the same mask every week because I am obsessed with them and I really like to try new ones out! But since I used the Nature Republic Snail Therapy Mask Sheet yesterday, let’s include that one in this post. You can read my thoughts on this absolutely amazing mask here!

After the mask, I let my skin breathe for about 2 hours before I once again apply the Nature Republic Toner and Emulsion that I used on Friday night as well.


Now it’s time to wash my hair! This is not the only time I wash my hair in the week of course! I wash my hair 2-3 times a week, but this is the only time when I can apply hair masks on it.

So now that my hair has absorbed all the Macadamia oil from the night before, it is time to add a hair mask to it. Like with face masks, I am also kinda obsessed with hair masks as well, and I love to experiment and try new ones out all the time! So, yesterday I used the Hask Argan Oil Hair Mask, which is amazing!

When I’ve kept the mask on my hair for long enough, I wash it out, shampoo my hair and apply conditioner, and then blow dry it. My absolute favourite Blow Out hairstyle is the one I discovered over at the wonderful blog called The Londoner! I use this hair style all the time because it is very easy to do, looks professional, can be done on any length of hair, and lasts for ages!


Almost done!

Now it’s time to finish off the nails! The two coats that I applied yesterday are now completely dry, and my nails are ready for the last two coats.

I first apply whichever colour I feel like having on my nails for the rest of the week, and I then I apply my favourite China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat.

When both of these coats dry completely (which takes an hour), my nails are ready and strong for the entire week! They don’t chip and the colour doesn’t get ruined by next Friday, so I don’t have to worry about my nails for the next seven days! Woohoo!

And that’s it! That is my long, tiring, but fabulous Body Supreme Routine!

I usually follow this with a lovely night out with my friends for a nice dinner and some drinks.

I hope that this post will help you guys organize your own super-home-spa-routine and that it will help those of you who live very busy lives as well!

  • http://lovingdot.blogspot.fi/ Jenna Hyyppä

    WOW ! I feel like a noob XD

    I should start taking better care of my hair and body skin…

    • http://amiciarai.com/ Amicia Rai

      Lol! Don’t worry about it, it’s all a matter of a bit of practice and knowing what’s best for you and your skin! ^_^
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting! ^_^

  • http://oflifeandlists.blogspot.com/ oflifeandlists

    What an amazing routine. I really should start doing something like this on my days off – taking a shower and taking care of my skin is my favorite part of the day, but having a day to completely pamper myself would be great.

    • http://amiciarai.com/ Amicia Rai

      Thank you very much lovely! It’s really nice to have a day in the week where you will just pamper yourself and restart your whole system! Give it a go if you can! ^_^
      Thanks for reading and commenting! ^_^

  • http://meetatthebarre.blogspot.com/ Amanda Elizabeth

    Wow that sounds absolutely amazing! I love Lush products…they last forever and are such great quality!

    • http://amiciarai.com/ Amicia Rai

      They certainly are! :D

  • http://obeyray.com/ Raizel Greco

    Great routine! I love a lot of the products you use.
    Ray | Obey Ray

    • http://amiciarai.com/ Amicia Rai

      Thank you very much! ^_^

  • http://itssuteki.blogspot.com/ Danyele

    Great info, except I didn’t know what I was getting my self into. I started reading your post while stuff my face with a bag full of chips…suddenly I felt really guilty. Haha By the way, love the harajuku perfume in the background of your picture. :p

    • http://amiciarai.com/ Amicia Rai

      Ehehehehehehe! xD Believe me I am typing this right now with a bag of chips. :D
      I loooove Japan and everything that has to do with it, so the perfume is a little memorabilia! ^_^
      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! :D

      • http://itssuteki.blogspot.com/ Danyele


  • http://emdemillia.blogspot.com/ Emm

    Waa, that Friday hair and nail routine sounds so good! *sadly feeling my chipped nails. I should do more of these regularly, but sometimes oh I can be SO lazyyy. This post makes me feel like buying some more body lotion and hair mask, NOW. Haha, thanks for posting! :)

    • http://amiciarai.com/ Amicia Rai

      The nail routine has definitely helped me a lot! :D I’m happy you enjoyed it!
      And thank you very much for commenting! ^_^